15 Minute Homemade Snow Globes!

Picture Doesn't Do It Justice!

How to Make a Homemade Snowglobe!

Have a blast with your children by making this fun craft! It takes less than 15 minutes to make but provides hours of fun! The project is simple but there are so many things that you can discuss with your children as you make it. It is made from some recycled products so there is a lesson on re-purposing trashed items to make them beautiful! You can also let your children get creative by choosing their water color and "ingredients".

Here are the things that you need:
  • A container - we used plastic since I have smaller children. Older kids can reuse baby food jars, pickle jars, jelly jars, etc. Make sure you have the lid.
  • Sparkles - Purchase these in the craft section at the hobby store or big box store. This is a great time to make these because many stores will have holiday sparkles left over and DISCOUNTED!
  • Content - you don't have to add anything because the sparkled are enough alone but you can add lightweight buttons and beads, craft accessories, pieces of holiday bows, and even barbie accessories are great.(My daughter loves fasion so she used some old barbie purses and shoes) GET CREATIVE
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  1. Have the child remove any labels and wash out the container that they wish to use.
  2. Fill it with water but leave a space at the top for air.
  3. Then use the food coloring to color the water! This is when your children can get an art lesson about mixing colors!
  4. Pour in your glitter and lightweight content.
  5. Tightly place lid on container.
  6. Now for the best part...SHAKE IT!!!!
  7. For the glass jars with flat lids, it can be set upside down for the same effect!
  8. You can top them with re-purposed fabric and a nice bow BUT my kids never get past the shaking part!
I hope that you enjoy your Snow Globes! My children loved making them and giving them as gifts too! I think that my favorite part was taking the kids on a "stuff hunt" to find things that would otherwise have been thrown away. Not to mention the fun of turning the junk into treasure! Now before I throw things away, I have little voices yelling "no!, I can make something with that!".
Valuable lessons and TONS of FUN!

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