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I hope you will all enjoy my guest post today from Jane Blanchard! Getting on and sticking with a healthy eating plan may start with food selection but a lot of it is what you do with those items in the kitchen!  Jane offers some amazing ways to set up and organize a kitchen to help us eat more foods at home! Check it out then swing over to  or follow them on Facebook or Twitter for more great tips, ideas, and inspiration!



How to Set Up Your Kitchen to Eat More Meals at Home
By Jane Blanchard

Eating at home offers many advantages over dining out, the biggest one being the cost savings. Take out and pizza delivery are way too tempting if elements to make a meal are not easily accessible or cannot be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. One of the best ways to fight that temptation? Set up your kitchen so that it encourages meals at home. Here’s how:

1. Set Up a Snack Station

On a counter that is closest to the door, assemble an assortment of grab-and-go snacks to eat as you travel outside the home. Whether running errands or working, driving past a fast food chain on an empty stomach can tempt even the strongest of wills. Armed with a tasty snack, you are more likely to resist impulsive food stops and hold out for a home-cooked meal.


2. Store Small Appliances Wisely

To avoid spending hours in the kitchen, store appliances and other meal-prep tools near each other. Having the essentials at your fingertips will help produce meals fast, and as a result, you'll be more inclined to eat at home regularly. With multitasking in mind, place your slow cooker, food processor and other appliances near the oven. For quicker accessibility, consider storing them on your countertop. Since counter space is often limited, think about installing an appliance garage to cut down on clutter.


3. Organize Your Pantry

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A properly stocked and organized pantry sets the stage for a proper meal. If your pantry is a disaster zone, it will take you longer to find what you need, which may cause unnecessary stress and frustration. Avoid this by selecting a pantry design that allows most items to be in full view. Store meal makings on the same shelf or group of shelves. For example, keep pasta and sauces together, and store your flour, sugar and other baking essentials in the same area.


4. Make Recipes Readily Available

With the goal to eat at home more often, you will want to have plenty of recipes on hand. For quick reference, consider a stand or wall-mounted holder for your tablet to access all the yummy Internet recipes you’ve saved. Better yet, choose a dock with attached speakers and play some music to pass the time when cooking. As an alternative, you can go old school with a shelf that beautifully displays your most trusted cookbooks.

Smart placement of appliances, an organized pantry and other easy adjustments will have you ditching restaurants and dining at home in no time.

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mothers shadow said...

This is a GREAT post and really good advice! If we took the time to organize our kitchens, of any size, it would make it more inviting and comfortable for gathering and family meals. THANKS for the post. Stopping by from YOUR party!!! Carrie, A Mother's Shadow