5 Health Benefits of Garlic!

Do you need a reason to eat Garlic? If  you do...

Here are 5 Health Benefits of Garlic!

For as long as I can remember, I have been told that if it's good for me, it probably doesn't taste good. This is probably why I have had issues with vegetables for the majority of my life...but that's another blog all together!

Much to my parent's dismay, I have learned that they were not always right. There are many things that taste good, nay GREAT and are healthy for you too. The top of this list for me is GARLIC. Garlic fries, garlic bread, garlic sauce, garlic mushrooms, the list becomes kind of like Captain Dan's shrimp list from Forrest Gump....that is how much I love it. I recently began a journey to live a more "green" lifestyle and to try all-natural remedies and herbal cures instead of reaching for over-the-counter medicines. You do not know how happy I was to find out that my favorite seasoning also served a medicinal purpose. It is just ONE of the many reasons why I LOVE GARLIC.

What is Garlic?
Garlic is a part of the onion family. It has been used throughout recorded history for both medicinal and culinary purposes. The garlic bulb is divided into sections called cloves.

Garlic in History
I am not the only one who loves garlic. There is even folklore surrounding garlic and its many uses. While the stories of garlic's ceremonial, medicinal, and even monetary uses are too many to number, here are just a few....
  • Ancient Koreans ate pickled garlic before traveling through mountains as they felt that Tigers didn't like it.
  • Greek athletes and even soldiers ate garlic before competition and battle.
  • Greek midwives would hang garlic at homes to ward off evil spirits.
  • Garlic appears in biblical times too. It is written that when Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt (around 1,200BC), they complained of missing the finer things in life - including garlic.
  • Roman soldiers ate garlic to inspire courage
  • In King Tut's times, garlic was used to purchase slaves and was found throughout his tomb.
  • Egyptians ate garlic during the taking of oaths and when the slaves threatened to abandon their work on the pyramids, they were given garlic.
  • In Palestinian tradition, if a groom wears garlic at his wedding, he is assured a great wedding night!
Why is it so Good For You?

1.IMMUNITY BOOSTER - Garlic has long been used to boost immune systems and beat out colds and flu's. This is because garlic has antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial properties as well as contains a lot of vitamin C. Start chomping on garlic during the onset of illness and it is said to reduce our symptoms and duration of the time you would have been ill.

2.ANTIBIOTIC - Scientists are now saying that GARLIC can in fact be used as an antibiotic. In some tests, it was even shown to be more powerful than prescription antibiotics without the addition of crushing your healthy bacteria as it works. Unlike chemical antibiotics, it is also anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It's like a natural "one-stop shop"!

  • It is noted that the allicin in garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure and it has been proven to lower LDL cholesterol between 5 -15% and raise HDL cholesterol.
  • Garlic has a set of sulfur-containing compounds that help protect from oxidative stress and inflammation of the blood vessel linings which can both cause strokes and heart attacks.
  • Garlic may also prevent dangerous blood clots!
4. CANCER FIGHTER - That's right! The tasty garlic has even been proven to have cancer fighting powers!
  • It may help prevent colon cancer by protecting colon cells from toxins and preventing the growth of cancer cells. Garlic also contains selenium and vitamin C which are also known to protect against colon cancer.
  • Studies show that garlic may decrease the ability of H. pylori to cause ulcers and stomach cancer.
  • Garlic may also help reduce your risk of breast cancer. By cooking meats with garlic you to reduce the carcinogenic chemicals in cooked meat which are said to be linked with breast cancer.
  • Garlic has even been shown to stop the growth of skin cancer by rubbing raw garlic on the skin. This is due to the Ageone in garlic which has been shown in tests to stop the spreading of skin cancer cells.
  • Garlic is also known to be an appetite suppressant. The pungent odor of garlic stimulates the satiety center in the brain and reduces hunger sensations.
  • Garlic stimulates the nervous system causing a boost in your metabolism!
  • Garlic is known as a natural cure for diabetes as well! It is shown that garlic can prevent damage to your kidneys, blood vessels, skin and eyes. This is because garlic slows down the glycation process that happens when blood sugars are high.
  • The cardiovascular benefits are also great for individuals with diabetes.
How do you get the benefits of Garlic?
When using garlic for its medicinal purposes, you will find that FRESH is best! Ground garlic goes through food processes that causes it to loose many of its healing properties. It is said that black garlic may unlock even more power! The ways to get your fix of garlic are very simple! Fresh garlic is available at almost every supermarket and can also be purchased in a pill, juice, and even dropper form. Even cooking fresh garlic in your favorite foods still provides some of its healing properties!
  • For Warts, rashes, bug bites or irritations- simply rub raw garlic on the area.
  • For toothaches - rub garlic on the edge of the tooth and gums
  • For a sore throat - suck on raw garlic or make garlic& honey syrup!
  • Bloating, cramps, and constipation - swallow small pieces of chopped garlic
  • For Heart Benefits - add to your favorite foods or try taking a supplement.
  • For Weightloss - add fresh garlic to everything or suck on a raw clove when you are getting hungry!
Side Effects
As with any medicine, there are side effects and the same is true with garlic.
Your breath may be offensive and some individuals claim that the smell of garlic seeps from their skin! So my best advice is to buy mints and only hang out with people who also LOVE garlic! I mean c'mon...did you read the benefits?!?!?

So there you have it. The herb known as "the stinky rose" can help almost any ailment you may suffer from. It has been used throughout history for its healing properties and is still used today and prescribed by doctors, weight loss experts, and scientists. As far as my parents go....they also love garlic so this was one thing that I expect they don't mind being wrong about...

Whether you take it in raw form, in soups, syrups, teas, or pills-GARLIC IS GOOD FOR YOU AND TASTES GOOD TOO!

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