Healthy Cooking Sunday...Healthy Eating Week


The layers of my low carb lasagna!

Healthy Sunday Cook-Off!

(and a bottle of wine)

I was enjoying a nice-relaxing Sunday until my twitter feed made me feel pretty darned lazy! I am always seeing such amazing Sunday precooking posts from moms, fitness buffs, and culinary marvels so when my buddy Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean began posting her Sunday food prep posts...I decided to get up, pour a glass of wine, and start cooking. It makes since to precook because my husband and I have been on an "organic" eating mission and sometimes that does mean a little preparation time. Time hasn't been an issue until last week when our crazy schedule caused us to do a few unnecessary tropical smoothie and Subway dinner trips. This Will NOT happen this week! We are set for at least the first few days of the week!

I made a lot of favorites this week and have attached the recipes...For the new foods, I will link up the recipes as soon as they are typed out! Trust me....These are all SO easy. If they aren't easy....they aren't getting done at my house. I believe in buying ingredients and using them in as many ways possible so you will see the same ingredient a few different ways! It is how we eat healthy "on the cheap"!

 They aren't as pretty in the Containers so I posted some prettier pics of them as well...

But for good they are in the plastic containers...

Here is this week's no random order!

Trust me, they taste better than they look! Red Pepper & Feta Zucchini Cakes! I LOVE THESE! They are super easy to make and I even eat them for breakfast! They are just like the ones at Ruby Tuesday's only not grilled in tons of butter and made with very little flour! Here is the recipe

Quinoa- I L-O-V-E Quinoa and it is a great tool for any dieter. It is certainly a superfood and is so versatile that it can be eaten for breakfast with some fruit and can be jazzed up for dinner with a little extra seasoning. PLUS...I needed it for the nuggets and the blackbean burgers. Quinoa reheats very well in the microwave or you can eat them up in the skillet to bring out a crisp - nutty flavor!
Low Carb Zucchini& Eggplant Lasagna -I am not really on a low carb diet anymore BUT any chance to eliminate a carb loaded meal is welcomed AND I was making zucchini cakes anyway so I might as well make something else!

The recipe is coming shorty BUT you just slice the zucchini and eggplant very thinly and use that in place of noodles. Layer with some cheese, spinach, tomato sauce, and veggies  of your choosing! You an even add some meat if you want to.:)



Spicy Black Bean Burgers - These are super tasty and full of protein! Black beans, quinoa, jalapenos, onions, and spices! Only a few minutes in the food processor and into the skillet! Can't go wrong with those ingredients!

Vegetarian "Chicken" Nuggets! - I recently began making these and my family just can not get enough of them! There are only a few ingredients and they take about 5 minutes to blend together in a food processor or blender. The main ingredient of these are chickpeas which are loaded with fiber and soooo good for you!Toss them in your favorite sauce and you will feel like you are in a restaurant!

Faux Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Since you are already using chickpeas....try these
Spicy Toasted Chickpea snack recipe
5 minute homemade hummus

They may not look perfect but they taste AMAZING!Whole Wheat Jalapeno Cheddar Buns! You just never know what you are buying when you purchase bread at the grocery store SO....I make my own. This week I made some awesome whole wheat buns topped with jalapenos and cheddar.I topped them instead of putting the spicy stuff inside so I could leave some plain for the kids! Total YUM!

Whole Wheat Honey Bread- Yep! Sweetened with only honey and made purely from wheat flour.

Homemade Whole Wheat Tortillas -These are great to have around! We made tacos, use them for sandwiched, use them for mini-pizzas, etc! Only 5 ingredients! Homemade Tortilla Recipe

So...That's it! That is what we are eating this week at home. My kids are pretty much eating what we eat except for the spicy foods.

Check out Lindsay's easy plans for precooking at her Blog The Lean Green Bean!

Please share any tips and tricks you may have on how to easily eat healthily all week long!

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