Choosing my first musical instruement...for my son!

My son's first musical instrument?

The time has come where I am now deciding if my oldest is ready to play a musical instrument. I, myself, played the viola, flute, and oboe but I am certain that he is not interested in any of those! Not only is the idea of him being ready for this responsibility a challenge but add to that the fact that I will be home-schooling next year...and I feel like the decision will never get made!

We live in a smaller town so there aren't too many places to check. My first thought, of course, is to hit the pawn shop where all of my first instruments came from - BUT- this is a special deal for him so we are looking for something he will treasure forever (or a week). He has been begging to play the guitar and since I know a bit about string-ed instruments - it sounds good to me! So we went out looking for one and I saw this epiphone dr-100 acoustic guitar at guitar center. It looks to be a pretty sweet instrument and is a GREAT price (probably lower than the pawn shop!).

So it looks like this will be the one! If you have any tips or trick (or advice) please share!

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