5 Perfectly Pinnable Posts!

Pin IT Challenge!

A big thank you to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for coming up with this challenge! I NEVER say no to one of those! So....here are 5 of my most "pinnable" posts! They are some of my favorites to either explore, share, or EAT!!! Enjoy!

These are SOOOOO good and can be made with or without beer! I chose not to BUT they are awesome either way! I put the cheese and peppers on top so the kids could have them plain. They called them bagels....they were gone in an instant!


These were such a godsend for me! Being a vegetarian, I miss out on all of the awesome sauces out there! Now, I can enjoy them on my Fake Chicken Nuggets...See "faux" just sounds better! The kids gobble them up and my husband asks for them daily. Good thing they only take a few minutes to make and are easy enough to have all of the time!

Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Squash Enchiladas!! So good and so easy!! Very low fat and gorgeous to look at

My Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Squash Enchiladas

One word...YUMMY! These were enough to impress my parents who believe that veggies are the devil's candy! Okay, maybe they aren't that bad BUT they think that I am evil for avoiding processed foods. They send my kids home with lots of goodie bags when they visit! I sent some of these their way and they at least said that they liked them! That is enough for me!


Diets from A-Z 

I had WAY too much fun with this one! This is my new may series where I will explore a new diet every day--alphabetically.  I found so many new diets- the junk food diet is REAL?!? There is a Q Diet?!?! If anyone has a post on a great diet on this list (or just fun)...send it my way, I would LOVE to link it into the master list!


10 Foods you SHOULD be eating!

I loved this one because I am always finding lists of what I should NOT be eating. It was nice to put together a lost of GREAT POWERHOUSE foods  and explain why you should have them.

So...there it is! A list of my 5 perfectly Pinnable Posts!

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