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 B is for .......THE BEVERLY HILLS DIET!
Will you celebrate weight loss?

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Well, I got to B for Beverly Hills Diet BUT found a few other cool B's so you get a bonus on the letter B. I couldn't stop at just one and so be honest, I will revisit the letter B in the next post simply because there were so many fun B diets!

New Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills Diet has been around for sometime (since 1981) and is based around food combinations. The founder of the Beverly  Hills Diet, Judy Mazel, believes that we began having weight issues when we started having our 3 "square meals" a day combining proteins, carbohydrates, veggies and etc together.

In this diet, proteins go with proteins, carbohydrates go with carbohydrates, and fruit gets combined with nothing! The rules are VERY particular about how to eat - they break food into 3 categories.

Fruits–carbohydrates that are a separate group due to the quick digestive properties.
Carbohydrates–everything other than protein.
Protein–obtained from meat, dairy and sources of vegetable protein.
Fats–avoid animal, saturated and trans fats, which slow digestion.

This diet boasts a 10-15 pound weight loss in the first 35 days. 

So how does it work?
 For breakfast you can have your choice of many fruits (but only one at a time), such as pineapple, strawberries, grapes, or watermelon.

Eat as much fruit as you want for breakfast but wait at least an hour before changing to another fruit and at least two hours before eating carbohydrates, fats, or protein. Once you move to carbs, fats, or proteins ---no more fruit for the rest of the day!

Now....If the next thing you eat after the fruit is a carbohydrate, you can eat carbs in any amount until you eat protein. Once you have even the slightest amount of protein -- you now must eat almost all proteins for the remainder of the day!

One meal a day can be a freebie where  your carbs and protein can play nicely together . Here's the catch...if you have your "freebie" meal  for lunch, you are still stuck eating almost all protein for the rest of the day!

So what can you drink?
This is the BEAUTY of the Beverly Hills diet!

Wine and fruit juices can be substituted for fruit AND CHAMPAGNE CAN GO WITH ANYTHING!!! Other alcoholic beverages count as carbs....Hey..any diet that lets champagne play all a great one in my book. You should stick to water as much as possible for meal time....when in doubt...pop the bubbly!

So...Will you celebrate on the Beverly Hills diet? I can see how you might loose weight....but with a lack of exercise and possibly missing out on veggies if you eat protein too early in the day...I am not sure if you could or should sustain it for long periods of time....Let me know if you have had success on this diet plan!

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