Low Carb Gluten-Free Pasta from Quest Nutrition!

I was like a kid in a candy store waiting for my Shipment from Quest Nutrition. My family recently embarked on a cleaner eating path and that eliminated most "snack" bars and sadly a large majority of the protein bars on the market. When I found out about Quest nutrition, I KNEW that I had to find out more! They actually have an all natural line that contain no artificial sweeteners, no junk, no glycerin, and are gluten free!In fact...all of their snack bars are Gluten-free!

I received a sample pack filled with 12 different flavored protein bars, 2 packs of their peanut butter cups,  as well as 2 of their pastas. They were all awesome -but today, I want to focus on the pasta because I was truly amazed!

The pasta is gluten free AND low CARB! Plus it has only 3 ingredients! No JOKE!  And it is actually really good! The Quest Nutrition Pasta comes in 2 different styles, spaghetti and fettuccine. 
 I bet you are wondering how they make LOW CALORIE, LOW CARB, GLUTEN FREE PASTA...right?!?!?

It is actually made from Konjac root (Glucomannan). Konjac root has been eaten for hundreds of years in  many Asian countries and is revered for its hunger reducing properties. So these noodles are super healthy?

But are they good?
Okay, honesty card is out....at first, I was SCARED! The pasta is packed in an alkaline water and if you have never smelled that before....it smells like seafood! I am an extreme vegetarian so this was an instant turnoff. LUCKILY the good people over at Quest have noted this on the package and even have a funny video on their website about it! So...I rinsed the pasta and the sea smell was GONE!
They actually taste pretty darn good! I used them to make a vegetable lo-mein. I flash boiled them for about a minute and I was good to go! 

Would I recommend the pasta?
I certainly would. I know that the pasta may not be certified organic but for those focusing more on the low carb or gluten free side of  diets...it is certainly one of the best alternatives that I have tried!

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This post was not paid for in any way by Quest Nutrition. They did provide complimentary samples but in no way influenced nor asked for favorable reviews!

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