Mother's Therapy Organic Hand Santizer GIVEAWAY!

I am going to go right out there and say that I am not a "sanitizing" momma. I sometimes think that people go way too far on how often they sanitize their hands! I have friends who will do it after opening a restaurant door,  after viewing the menu,  after touching the table, and even after washing their hands. Now...while I don't bathe my kids in sanitizer (and think some people go a bit crazy)...I do realize that there ARE situations where hand sanitizer is a must.

I have tried the common brands of hand sanitizer available on the market and I was less than pleased.

Why don't I like traditional hand sanitizers?
  • They smell like booze. I don't want to smell like a martini - normally!
  •  They Left my skin dry. No thanks.
  • They Introduced chemicals and/or artificial fragrances to my and my children's skin. This made me choose which was worse...chemicals or germs! I am convinced that my skin is not a carrier but a conductor! Everything you put onto your skin is absorbed into the body. Scientists have even found traces of chemicals used in makeup in newborns! This Definitely makes you think about what you put on your skin.
  • The alcohol. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) does say that alcohol based sanitizers are best BUT did you know that some sanitizers are made with synthetic alcohol? You must check labels if you are avoiding synthetic ingredients.
So..with these in mind - I GAVE UP ON FINDING A HAND SANITIZER. When I found out about Mother's Therapy Organics...I knew I needed to give it a try!

Why do I LOVE Mother's Therapy Organic Sanitizers?
  • Mother's Therapy Organic's products are organic and filled with ingredients I trust! On their label, you will find ingredients like: Organic aloe; Organic Echinacea; Organic Goldenseal; Organic clove; and Organic Lavender.
  • The alcohol in Mother's Therapy Organics is also organic so it is derived from plants not made in a lab!
  • Oh...and smell.... AH-MAZING! Instead of smelling like alcohol, you will find a refreshing scent of aloe and cucumber.
  • It is made to nourish your skin! You will notice that not only are your hands not dry...but they are actually healthier and softer!! 
Mother's Therapy is definitely onto something! For the same reasons mentioned above...I have really never used baby lotion. In 2012, Johnson & Johnson finally made the statement that it will remove carcinogenic chemicals and other potentially harmful substances from nearly all its adult toiletries and cosmetic products worldwide within 3.5 years. Did you know that was hiding in your baby lotion?

Thankfully...Mother's Therapy Organics doesn't have to promise to remove the harmful chemicals in their products.... THEY WERE NEVER THERE!I

They also make a Germ-Fight'n hand lotion and have tons of convenient sizes (gush)!

Okay...You get the idea..I am in love. I love them SOOOOO Much, I have partnered with them to give some away!

Enter to win an AMAZING FAMILY PACK valued at $30!!!

Picture is just for demo purposes. Family pack may include different sizes or items.

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Mother's Therapy Organics in NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES! You must purchase is from with the website or  Amazon! Go ahead...enter to win and grab some to organically guard your family against cold and flue season. You will never have to choose between fighting chemicals or germs again!


**this post was sponsored by a truly amazing company who manufactures Organic Sanitizer and Organic lotions. While I was NOT compensated in any way for this post, I did receive items to both sample and to provide to my readers via giveaway. The opinions expressed within are entirely my own. I will only represent companies with products that I believe in and feel good about sharing with my friends and family.

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Lisa Nelson said...

Awesome products Heather. I really hope I win. I would love love love to try this. I love the idea that it's all natural - much better than the stuff you buy in the grocery store.