All Day Energy Greens - Energy Supplement Review

When I was asked to do a review on a "green" energy drink...I will admit that I was excited but also nervous. I eat 95% organically and am a vegetarian BUT I will be the first to tell you that I am NOT a "veggie lover". Until recently, I actually ate very few veggies that were green! The thought of broccoli, Brussel sprouts, or peas are enough to make my stomach turn (yes, I know..bad vegetarian). All of that being said, I do know how important these key veggies are to my health so finding a way to have them in a liquid form where they are hidden from my eyes was sounding like an interesting idea. 

So...I signed up to try it! I am really trying to focus on better eating for myself and my family so it was worth a try! The day my box arrived, I thought.."oh no...what did I get myself into?" . Reluctantly, I mixed the very green powder with some cold water and drank it up. WOW...I was shocked, I drank it- and did not hate it! I liked it so much  that I shared it with my husband-who also was a fan!

This green drink is packed with 38 different superfoods! It provides an amazing amount of energy that lasts the whole day.  Here are 5 facts that I absolutely LOVE!
  1. All-Natural - no junk added! 
  2. It Regulates your blood sugar! If you look at MOST supplements, they are sweetened or filled with chemical sweeteners! ADEG is made with stevia so it doesn't cause spikes and again--is an all natural sweetener.
  3. WHOLE FOOD! Since it is filler free, your body will treat this green drink as a whole food and NOT a supplement. This means it is easily digested and used to the fullest by your body!
  4. Common Allergen Free - I have family who has allergy issues so finding something that is safe is a PLUS!
  5. It tastes great!
By now you are wondering what it tastes like....
 I would say that it tastes the most like green tea. Thankfully, it completely dissolves and isn't thick at all to drink. Now....I am not saying that you don't taste the veggies but they are kinda masked by the flavor of tea. With the new trend of green smoothies, my hubby and I began mixing our ADEG at home with various fruits, veggies, and ice. It tasted WAY better than the smoothies you get at your local smoothie stop and I can guarantee it is way better for you. No added sugars, no syrups, no chemicals!

Try mixing 1 scoop of ADEG along with ice, 4 ounces of water, and any of the following to make a refreshing smoothie. You really don't need to add any other sweeteners! You will be shocked at how awesome it tastes and how you almost don't notice the veggies! My kids LOVED the smoothies and had no clue that they were getting such a dose of greens!
  • strawberries
  • pineapple
  • oranges
  • banana
  • apples
  • cucumber and apples (awesome) 
  • manos
  • berries
 The price is also a BIG plus! You can get a one month supply of ADEG (All Day Energy Greens) for just $39.99. There are not many supplements that are this good for you at that price! Some I have looked at would cost $20 per week or more.

So...check out this amazing green drink and get your energy back. It is so good for you and an easy and filling way to get your greens! For some of is the ONLY way to get our greens!

Are you riding the green drink train? Do you have a favorite recipe If so...I would love to try it!

**This post was sponsored by an amazing company bringing you a superfood rich GREEN drink. I was compensated for this post as well as given a trial of the product. These facts in NO WAY influence m opinion or my statements. I am committed to only standing behind products that I believe in and that will never be for sale.


samar fatima said...

This is really you talking about good energy booster hgh fragment.

Andrese enime said...

Is it good for weigh loss? Actually I heard that many Green drink supplements are good for weigh loss process. So tell which kind of supplement it is??

HealthTips said...

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