Look Dad....Pink Hair

Day 1
Since I have been married, I think my husband has never been surprised by the hair color or style that I seem to choose! I have been a red head, been blonde, auburn, jet black, I have had pink streaks, teal streaks, and even orange hair. I have a strange hair philosophy that "it grows back" and that it is more of an "accessory" than anything else. Well, that whole way of thinking almost was brought to a staggering halt this weekend when my hair color CHOSE me! Does that mean that I messed up....nope. I have another- more deeply rooted- philosophy that "I am not always right...but I am NEVER wrong" ...so I am stating for the official record that this hair color was part of the master plan.
Day 2

Now, the truth is that I messed up. I am unrelentingly cheap and have always done
my own haircolor at home BUT that was never over bleached hair! I found a very good deal (clearance $1.24) on some normally $10 color and went for it! Day 1...It was bright magenta but by day 2 it smoothed out to a nice pink and blonde highlighted hairdo. That doesn't change the fact that to others....it would be a SHOCK!

Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover
Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover
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Remember how accepting I said that my husband was about my haircolor choices?....well lets just say that my poor father has NEVER gotten used to it! I get the comments, the funny looks, and even the offer to take me to my mom's hair stylist- so when my haircolor chose me this week, the DAY before Father's Day-- I almost felt bad. I HAD to come up with some GREAT excuses to use at the family get together. No way was I going and saying that it was a mistake and I know that I can use Color Oops Hair Color Remover Wipesfor only $6 bucks but was liking it a bit too much to change it so I had to think FAST!

Here were 10 of the excuses I had PLANNED to use on Father's Day!

10. I was going furniture shopping and wanted to be left to browse at my leisure (TRUE and it worked :))

9. I want to become a flirty girl fitness instructor but want to be in better shape first- this was to remind me about my commitment to drop a few lbs.

8. It was for a blogging contest. (Heck, they don't even read my website...they will NEVER know but they encourage anything for money!)

7. I was going to dye it pink for a breast cancer walk - trial run!

6. I was talking to my 5 year old daughter who wants pink hair and was telling her that it was a silly idea...I had to prove it to her...darn, she is persistent.

5. I actually paid for this! It was a new hairdresser and she messed up...I didn't have the heart to tell her it was not right. - can't make comments when I am  playing the sympathy card...right?!

4. Did I mention  that breast cancer runs in the family and I wanted to be mindful of the lingering threat as I challenge my family to be more organic and healthy?

3. I am tired of having the "taste tester" people at the grocery stores taunting me with their samples! With this hair color....Ain't no one offering me a sausage!

2. I was testing a color project for homeschool next year --it was in a squeeze bottle and accidentally grabbed it instead of my haircolor..OOPS! Nah..that won't work...they think I am CRAZY for homeschooling!

1. Why do I need an excuse? I am over 30 years old DARN IT! If I choose some pink hair... accept that it may be a midlife crisis and move on!  Okay...this one was a last resort but I was prepared to use it.

Oddly enough...they must all be used to me by now because no one even muttered a word about my "children's television" ready hair. I guess if cartoons can carry it --maybe I can too. With that motto in mind, I now plan to take on the Spanish language, open a stuffed animal vet practice, and maybe even break out into song while walking down my street...well, maybe not!

Color Oops Hair Color Remover Wipes

Share your worst hair "oops"in the comments...I KNOW we all have them....right?!?!?  Try it for fun..take a trial run of some hair chalk or dye..you may LOVE IT! Heck, I already gave you the excuses!!


Raising Reagan said...

LOL ... I would have used some kind of excuse too ... probably the one that my hair dresser messed up.
I had a hair dresser do that to me once..I was modeling my hair for a tv commercial and he skunked me with a big blonde highlight. I made my best friend fix it for me that afternoon. I was horrified!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Molley Mills said...

My dad used to take great delight in telling people my red hair was dyed!
Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

fadedginger said...

I liked the breast cancer walk excuse the best. (I came from the Hump Day Hook Up.)

Vegan Mama Eco Baby said...

I LOVE #10 - we went furniture shopping this weekend...if another person asked me if we needed help I was going to scream! I like the pink hair!

Erica Christopher said...

HA! Too funny... but you're right, you def don't need an excuse for that. You're a grown ass woman! Plus, I think the day 2 is rather cute :)

Domestic Pirate said...

I have the same hair philosophy! Case in point: I just chopped ALL my hair off, and it was only at Captain's behest that I didn't just buzz it! My favorite hair color to date is purple. I keep going back. Though, the one time I had it professionally done, it bled out to an odd seafoam green...

Domestic Pirate said...

Thanks for linking up to the Glitter Farts hop, btw!

Heather May said...

I can imagine that the skunk highlight was super attractive! You know...its all about having fun...until it falls out, right?!?

Heather May said...

Dads all have their quirk! Mine has offered me a tomato slice at every meal even tough he knows that I have hated them for about the last 32 years!! Gotta love dads with a sense of humor!

Heather May said...

Thanks! I really need to get involved in those now I have a reason..I am already dressed for the occasion!

Heather May said...

It seriously worked! NO ONE bothered me! They handed me their card and left. I think that they were all shocked when I bought something!

Heather May said...

HAHA...that's what I keep thinking but it is hilarious to see my parents reactions when I walk in with something crazy! I really like it now but it is washing out a bit more everyday :(

Heather May said...

See...professional doesn't always work! My pink highlights only lasted a few washes when I paid like $40 bucks for them....this accidental pink has lasted a few weeks!

Kate Hall said...

Haha! I tried dying the tips of my hair hot pink once, years ago. It looked stupid. I wanted hot pink and it looked light pink, streaked. Oh well, it grew out. Btw, I homeschool too! :-)

Terrye Toombs said...

I had a purple streak in my hair once, but it blended in with my strawberry blonde hair. So, I went to a hairdresser and spent half the day trying to get my hair to take the dye...which only lasted maybe a month before it was all washed out. So, now I'm sticking with my grey. :)

Love the pink!!! :)

Halle Bose said...

Lots of people like pink hair because it reflects a more youthful side of themselves. Pink hair is not too far from red hair and if you find the shade that is right for you, it highlights your appearance.