Warby Parker - A Responsible Company with Amazing Products

Part of what I love to do is to inform people of responsible companies trying to not only make a buck but to also make a difference. I recently became aware of a company with an amazing program that gives back!

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Warby Parker! Warby Parker offers a vast selection of both prescription and sunglasses that you can order online for a fraction of the cost of your local optical store!

My favorite part about Warby Parker is their Buy a pair, Give a pair program. click HERE to see more about it.  For each pair of glasses sold they also give a pair of glasses by partnering with non-profit partners to help get those frames into the hands of someone who needs them. These partners also help to train low-income entrepreneurs in developing counties to start up their own optical business to continue the work of getting eyewear to those who need it! Warby Parker is also one of the only carbon neutral brands in the world! Talk about a responsible business.
So far,  they have given out over 250,000 frames. 

If you LOVE that too...swingby and give them a quick Facebook :like" HERE at their Facebook page!

They offer FREE SHIPPING to the U.S. and even a FREE in home 5 day try on. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 30 days to return them. JUST FOR FUN...try their virtual try on feature! An added bonus is that their prescription frame prices include Anti-Reflective lenses which are so important for anyone who works under bright light, has trouble driving at night, or is tired of the huge glare on their lenses in photographs! I worked for an optical company where this along costs $65!

Warby Parker not only offers prescription frames but also some super fun and funky sunglasses available in regular AND Prescription lenses! These are not the same frames as you would buy at the dollar store! These are high quality frames with high quality lenses. 

So onto the fun stuff...Warby Parker just announced a new Sunglasses line called the Meridian Collection and I have to say that I am in LOVE! It is are a line of super cool Aviator style frames that are totally wearable.. I am in love with the Exley...it is a take on a teardrop shape and looks like it will work well with any face shape!
Side view of the Exley
The Exley in jet silver

The Boyd

The bonus is that their sunglasses all include polarized lenses! These lenses help reduce the "white light" and give you a crisp image with less glare off  shiny items...like the hood of your car. Here are some   pics of other sets of frames from Warby Parker...that I think I might need to order....TODAY! They are a splurge item BUT I have been wearing cheapies for a few summers now offering very little protection...time to invest in my eyes!
Take a second and check  out their entire collection and read more about how Warby Parker gives back HERE!

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