Eco-Baby made EASY with Bambo Nature!

I am sure that you are ALL familiar with the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"....well, friends, when it comes to taking care of baby...I am an old dog. I am a mother to 5 children an until recently just bought whatever baby item was on sale or clearance and used the brand names found on any grocers shelf. When I began to start my "green" journey...that had to change. The only problem with becoming green on baby number 5 is that I had no idea on where to start!

I began my "green" journey by looking at the foods we ate. We got rid of pre-packaged chemical laden foods and went organic. Next, I began re-using any glass jar that came into my home and even began making my own All Natural cleaning supplies. My most recent move was to our skin care - I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT WAS IN THE PRODUCTS WE WERE PUTTING ON OUR SKIN! I now make our soaps, washes, and shampoos! That was actually easier than I thought- I can make 100 loads of laundry soap in about 8 minutes and for just under 10 cents a load. The next step in my journey is what is going to be tricky....this mommy is finally going to try getting more Eco-Friendly ...with baby number 5.

I was SO excited to find out about Bambo Nature because (honesty card out) I don't know if I can handle cloth diapering. I know that many people do and do it very successfully but I just don't think I am organized enough to care for them. That is why Bambo Nature is so exciting---I can get a bit more eco-friendly with disposable diapers!

I was also very pleased to find that Bambo Nature hides NOTHING about their diapers! They share each and every ingredient in their diapers as well as the ones NOT found in their diapers.  Heck, they even can take you through the Life Cycle of their diapers....from beginning to shelf! Most food companies have trouble doing that!


 These diapers are the only diaper certified 100% free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens.

Check out some of the prestigious and coveted Certifications, Eco-labels and Awards they hold!

• Bambo Nature has earned the Nordic Swan Eco-label. Nordic Swan is an official label with absolute requirements.  The requirements are increased in difficulty – it is not static. 
  • Nordic Eco-Labeling authorities may check to ensure that Swan Labeled products continue to fulfill the Swan label requirements after a license has been granted.  This may take the form of, for example, on-site inspections or random sampling.  If it transpires that the products no longer fulfill the requirements, the license may be revoked.  Random samples may also be taken at points of sale and analyzed by an impartial laboratory. 

• Bambo Nature holds The FSC Label.
o The Forest Stewardship Council Label is your guarantee that the fluff in Bambo Nature comes 

• Bambo Nature holds The Dermatologically Tested Label.
o This is your assurance that the product and all of its raw components do not cause skin irritation
• Asthma & Allergy Association
o Requires that a product poses the smallest possible risk of causing allergy, eczema, or skin irritation to the user.
• Bambo Nature holds the very rare – ISO 14001 Certification.
o This means that all of our product waste is reused.  (Please Note:  Bambo Nature has very, very little waste – under 2%.)
• Bambo Nature is a signator of the UN Global Compact.
o The United Nations Global Compact is a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses  from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted then felled worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their
• Bambo Nature was rated the #1 Best Diaper in the U.S. by
• Bambo Nature was rated the Most Eco-Friendly Diaper at

 THESE DIAPERS ARE ALL OF THESE THINGS AND SUPER SOFT FOR BABY! These are WAY better than the "green" diapers on the shelves at the Grocery AND they can be delivered to your door.

I can't image that it gets any better than that!  If  you are looking for an Eco-Friendly product from an Ethical Company.. You HAVE to check out Bambo Nature.

This post was sponsored by an amazing company who provides eco-friendly diapers that are safe for baby and for baby's skin. The opinions contained within this post are my own and are not for sale. Always shop responsibly

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