12 Easy/All Natural Ways to Detox your body

Are you feeling a bit run down lately?
 Looking for a mood adjustment? 
Been sick and ready to feel better?
Ready to jump start a diet?

If you answered yes to any of these...you may be ready for a detox!

Detoxing is a word that used to be used in extreme cases but now, you are hearing about it everywhere. I attribute this to an increase in the health and wellness community as well as the increase in the amount of chemicals in our foods and systems. You see, we come in contact with chemicals and compounds daily that our bodies simply weren't designed to handle as easily as others.

Detoxification is something that happens naturally in your body. Detoxification is simply the process of eliminating toxins from the body or "cleansing the blood". Impurities are also remved through the liver, lungs, intestines, lymph system, and skin. If you are eating as clean as possible...your body will easily take care of removing toxins. If you are living a "normal" lifestyle (involving processed foods and chemicals)...your body may need a little help every now and again!

Why Detox?
As I said before, detoxing removes impurities from the body. If these impurities are not removed, they fester in the body and can cause your body to run at a sub-par  performance level. This means that you are more likely to catch bugs floating around the office, are easily run down, and possibly in a bad mood.

So...now you know why you should detox and you are thinking that maybe you should do it....but you aren't sure where to start! I know that there are some extreme fasts and juice diets out there to help you detox but I prefer some simple things that I can stick to. It helps me to keep my body running at peak condition without a huge change to my habits! If you aren't looking to make it a lifestyle (but can use a quickstart) I advise doing these things for at least 2 weeks to get your body in check. Then follow up for one week a month!

12 Easy/All Natural Ways to Detox!
1. Go organic! You knew that one was making the list! I became organic almost a year a go and can tell you the difference is amazing. Until you see it for yourself, you will never believe the chemicals found in our foods - especially in the US. We have the lowest food standards that I have seen! Check out the post/recipe I did on something as simple as mayo. The store bought mayo had over 20 ingredients - most of them chemicals. My homemade mayo has 5 simple ingredients! You can also ready why I choose organic over all-natural.

2. Eat Fiber - I will not harp on this one as I am sure you are aware of the effects of fiber! You are basically just ensuring that your body has everything it needs to make it happen!

3. Add Probiotics to your Diet!  This word is EVERYWHERE right now! Probiotics are found in yogurts, kefir, and even in supplement form. These little guys are so important because they help you fight off colds and boost your immune system from the inside. Most harmful bacterias are found trapped in spaces in your intestines. Probiotics (when part of a healthy lifestyle) are able to take up these spaces and keep the bad bacterias from being able to stop and rest. bad bacteria simply moves along and exits the body. You can ready some more HERE.

4. Vegetarian Diet - 90% of you just clicked the red x and closed me out! To the other 10% Thank you! I am a vegetarian and can definitely say that is an extremely personal decision. I am in NO way saying that you have to go vegetarian BUT can tell you that it will make a difference in how you feel and how your body handles things. The chemicals contained in our meats are ridiculous. Meats are already harder for your body to process so once you add in the harmful stuff, you are dealing with some major work for your body. It is only the first few days without meat that are hard...after that, it is smooth sailing. Now...please note that you can do vegetarian extremely unhealthfully! Click HERE for 10 great protein sources for vegetarians - actually for everyone! Also visit my recipes page for tons of organic and vegetarian recipes. If you are ready for a fun read...Check out my 10 things you only THOUGHT were vegetarian.

5. get GREEN!  Do you ever look at your skin as a conductor?! You are completely covered by it and many people look at it as if it is a barrier -but in real life...it is like a sponge. Your skin absorbs anything it comes into contact with. Makeup, skincare, cleaning supplies, etc are all moved from your skin into your body. If you are pregnant...even your baby is getting a small dose of what is absorbed (This is true BTW).  Try getting organic with cleaning supplies first because it is the easiest to do! Since the price of store bought supplies is high, I make ALL of my own and they can be found at on this site HERE. Next, you can progress to your beauty care! Check out some of my Green Beauty tips and DIYs HERE!

6. Get your Sweat on! Visit your local gym or YMCA and take a nice rest in the sauna! This causes you body to sweat out some of the nasty stuff it has been holding onto!

7. Drink your water -  C'mon....you knew that this one would be here. It is TOTALLY true. Your body needs to stay hydrated and the more water you put in....the more stuff you flush out. If you are like me and am not a big fan of water...Try checking out my post on what you can add to water to make it taste better without adding junk to it!

8. Get your workout on! This one is obvious but it does help your body to run at peak performance. The better your body runs...the more able you are to rid your body of toxins.Try something relaxing like yoga or high energy like aerobics.

9. Try eating raw! There are enzymes in food that are naturally occurring to assist in the digestive process. During the process of cooking and heating foods, these helpful enzymes tend to break down and become ineffective. Many stars are supporters of eating raw :) They swear that it not only helps them stay healthy but also slim! Go for things (choose organic) like nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and sprouts. The great news is that there are some forms of raw chocolate - BONUS!

10. Up you antioxident intake - Antioxidants are molecules that protect your body from harmful free radicals. Free radicals are known to damage cells and have been linked to certain diseases and cancers. You can find antioxidants in common things like green tea and superfoods. You can also find antioxidants in supplement form as well as in spices like ginger and garlic.

11. Spa time-  That's right....try a spa day! If you can't afford the pricey luxury spa (I can't)...no problem, you can DIY!
  • Hydrotherapy - Stand under your shower and let the warm water run over your back. After a minute...switch to cold water and allow it to rain down on your back for 30 seconds. Repeat this process twice.
  • Exfoliate - make a habit of using a gentle organic exfoliant (Green Beauty tab has a few). This will allow your pores to be unclogged and easily allow the toxins to escape!
  • Skin Brushing - This was once said to maybe to help bald men regrow hair....but all joking aside,  a gentle daily skin brushing can  improve circulation and toxin release.
12. Simple Add Ins - You can help your body by adding in a simple cup of tea! Check out your local health food store and ask about how to use some of these common cleaning herbal remedies:

Some of the herbs that offer great cleansing in the body include:
*Milk Thistle
*Hydrangea Root
*Gravel Root

13. Take your Apple Cider Vinegar - I SWEAR by this stuff! Check out my post on why I do shots for breakfast! It will explain it all! If you hate the taste, you can also get organic versions in pill form.

These are just a few simple ways to detox. I left out the obvious items like rest more and destress which are both important as well.  Detoxing is an important way to keep your body running in tip top shape and when done all naturally and safely, can really boost your energy level, help you fight off the ickies, and even prevent colds, flu's, and infection.

I plan to post some detoxifying smoothie and drink recipes soon. Be sure to follow me on social media to stay up to the minute.

If you happen to have some detox recipes...I would love to see them!

Yes, you can definitely try fasting for a few days or doing some crazy crash detox but I don't advise it! I am an eater and if I can't eat or have to drink something that tastes horrible...I am OUT. It has to be something I can commit to!

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Juggling Real Food and Real Life said...

As you know, I eat mostly organic and Real Food and I still feel like I have to detox every Monday. Each weekend, I have 1 or 2 meals or snacks that don't quite meet up to my real food standards and my body pays for it come Monday. I start drinking water right away and swear by my herbal teas. Detoxing isn't easy at first. I felt horrible when I first changed my diet, but I now have so much more energy. I even got to dance with my husband for several songs at a fundraiser we went to. A year ago and I would have been the girl chair dancing. Great information! I'm really looking forward to the smoothie recipes.