Beginner's Tips For Eating Healthy

I am quickly realizing that this is a post that I should have done long ago. You see, my family and I began a healthy eating journey almost a year ago and made the transition seamlessly. We began by eliminating as many prepackaged foods as we could, ditched chemical laden foods and opted for organic, and I even got my husband to adopt a 98% vegetarian lifestyle (I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now). What I forgot to realize is that the transition to "healthy eating" may not be as easy for everyone- Routines and habits are hard to break! It is also difficult to encourage people to see the benefits of what eating healthy can do for you -when it may take a few weeks to see the results (sound familiar?!?).

So....I thought I would break down some of the tips that I have for Beginners! Don't be ashamed to be a beginner-we were ALL there once. My family ate out at least 4 times a week and counted french fries as vegetables before the switch- so if we can do it...anyone can do it!

Before I go into the tips...I wanted to share some of those benefits that I was talking about....
  1. Increased Energy Levels - almost eliminating sluggish days!
  2. General Health - almost no migraine days, lower cholesterol, weight loss, they go on and on!
  3. Enhanced Immune System! - Your body begins to operate the RIGHT way!
Check out our BEFORE and AFTER pictures! 
Even though it is not all about weight is still impressive!


He has lost over 100 pounds in just over 1 year!

 Now to the tips you came here for. All of these tips came from questions asked both by me as a beginner and by a few readers who have been making the transition. If something you wonder about isn't listed...please ask!

  1. Do NOT let any one discourage you! This is a decision you are making for your health. Don't you hate when you start a diet, tell your coworkers and then have a doughnut and fat filled latte waived in your face? This is just like that. Many people will try to tell you that there is nothing wrong with chemicals in your food and even try to get you to break....Don't give in! They do not know YOU nor do they know your health struggles. I would gladly give up every cheeseburger on the planet for one more day with my children. Think of it like this....would you gladly give up fried foods for the chance to beat diabetes? What would you give up to spend one more day with your family?
  2. DON'T DO IT ALL! Everyday there is someone saying that some-thing is wrong for you. Focus on eating "CLEAN" and you will be fine. Eliminate the "junk" and leave the rest to the side. If you listen to everyone you will be avoiding tap water, bottled water, spring water, meat, meat-free diets, carbs, carb-free diets, medicines, holistic medicines....almost everything.  Find a trusted source and give it a chance.
  3. DO NOT GO "EXTREME" or "ELIMINATION"! My Family eats about 98% organic but it did NOT happen overnight! We also do not eliminate fun from our lives. Being organic does NOT mean that we don't have desserts....we just have organic ones :) My kids still eat cheeseburgers...just on organic buns and made with organic meats. If you eliminate everything, you will certainly fail. This has to be a long term LIFESTYLE- not a diet.
  4. DO not be MISLEAD by "Health" Foods! You really need to check out your labels! Check out my post on 8 Health Foods to Avoid! Just because a product is fat free does not mean it is good for you. Traditionally, it is WORSE than its fatty parent. Sugar is a fat free item even though it turns into fat once inside the body. If you look very closely at your fat free products, you usually will find an increase in sugar content and even worse--some times chemicals! 
  5. Stock up on Healthy Foods and have them handy! The worst thing that could happen is you running out of options. An empty fridge or cupboard means one  thing---a quick trip to the fast food pit.  Have healthy snacks available and ready at all times.Here is a link to check out: The 10 foods you SHOULD be eating! Here are a few tips on grocery shopping by perimeter shopping!
  6. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. I don't mean that like it sounds but you can not look at this like a "diet" it really isn't....IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. Yes, this may mean a few more home cooked meals and extra preparation but it is worth it.If you are committed to it--LIVE IT!
  7. Things may move slow at first...or quickly. I don't know how else to say it BUT your digestive system may experience some changes as well. There are chemicals in foods that sometimes act as laxatives and omitting these will give your body a chance to do the job like it was supposed to do! may have went from nutritionally vacant foods to those nutrient dense foods packed with fiber, greens, and Probiotics--this can cause some upset tummies and trouble. SEE IT THROUGH! Your body will soon regulate and will begin to do the job it was made to do!
  8. DO NOT BE WISHY-WASHY! Now, please remember that I said that my family still goes out to eat on occasion and we do still eat at our families homes. In the beginning though, those experiences were few and far between. You MUST commit to at least 10 days of purely CLEAN eating before starting to add in some cheat days. These 10 days will give your body a chance to regulate and get used to the new way of doing things. Having 2 clean meals then a meal from the greasy spoon down the street will not allow your body to adjust. Give it a chance and then add in the "cheat" meals...if you even want them anymore!
  9. YOU MAY BE HUNGRY AT FIRST! This is important to know. You MAY be hungry when starting your clean eating lifestyle. Why is that you may ask? Well, a few reasons. First, your body is now burning food efficiently. It can use up almost everything you eat so it doesn't get stuck with extra calories and chemicals to deal with. Second, you are eating differently. IF you are beginning to cut out sugar and carbs....oh boy, the first 3 days will be rough! After 4 days of eating cleanly, your body will begin to get used to your new diet. ALWAYS have snacks hungry and don't ignore your body! By snacks, I mean things like Spicy Toasted Chickpeas, Kale Chips, yogurt, Black Bean Brownies, raw nuts, etc. NOT A CHEESEBURGER!
  10. YOUR ENERGY LEVEL...IT IS A CHANGIN'! At first, you may be a bit tired. This WILL ONLY be for a few days! You have just begun omitting some sugar, sweeteners, carbs, and fillers. These all affect your blood sugar levels as well as how they regulate your energy levels. After you go for a few days without these "fake" energy boosters...Your body will make its own energy from the amazing foods you are giving to it! I PROMISE-The difference is AMAZING!  While you are adjusting, check out these all natural energy boost tips!
GIVE IT A CHANCE! The first cheeseburger you ate did not make you ___________. 
On this blank, enter whatever you want: overweight; tired; diabetic; moody; have heart trouble; run-down; sick; have headaches; have high blood pressure, etc.  Put on that blank whatever it may be that you want to fix. For was overweight and tired- I was perpetually low on energy and moody (ask the hubby) plus I had tons of headaches.

It also wasn't the second cheeseburger, or the third, or the fourth that got you into the condition you are in today. It was the burgers piled on with fries, sodas, sugary snacks, unhealthy lifestyles, etc. THE SAME IS TRUE WITH YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! One healthy meal will not make you better. It will be your commitment to healthy foods over a long period of time combined with exercise that will fix your health.


I hope these tips help you as you consider beginning your healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to ask any questions you would like. I am not a doctor nor an expert-simply someone who has asked these questions myself.

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