ImageI wanted to take a few minutes to update my list of PAYING Survey sites!

Making money with Online Surveys is one of the most asked about topics when talking about how to make money online. There are hundreds of thousands of sites promising to make you RICH if you simply pay $49.95 for their list of survey sites...NEVER PAY for this information! If you simply do an internet search for these types of sites, you will get thousands of results. You will also see tons of reviews directing you to either sign in and make money or to stay clear. How do you know who to trust??
I have listed below some of the more "user friendly" survey sites. These sites have low payouts, easy to complete surveys, and are legit ways to make a little cash from your computer. Many of these sites will pay you cash or will pay you in points that can be converted to cash, gift cards, or prizes! I like to stick to the CASH! These sites won't make you rich but a little extra spending money is never a bad thing!

  1. Setup a separate email address for these sites. These sites can send a lot of survey requests and if you are doing multiple can be a lot of mail!
  2. Having a paypal account helps you get paid more quickly. Paypal costs you nothing to use and you can link it to your bank account for deposits. 
  3. Never give your credit card number out to these companies UNLESS you are signing up for a service. (i.e. you can sign up for Netflix through Inbox Dollars. you will get a certain amount of cash back in your account for your signup. Safe bet with them but if a site asked for this would be a no)
  4. Be organized if you are signing up for "Free" trials that require a credit card.  Sure, you will get cash for signing up BUT that also means that they will be charging you the day that the "free offer" expires. If you want to earn money this way, be very diligent about canceling on the exact date!

Now that you have the tips.....HERE ARE SOME PAID SURVEY SITES!

Cash Crate is a FUN site where you really can earn money!
 It isn't hard to figure out and it is pretty easy to reach your payout!

Sign Up HERE

E-Poll. It is really easy to earn rewards with E-Poll! With E-Poll, you earn points which you can trade in for giftcards to places like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and more!
The points really do add up quickly!

Sign Up HERE

I REALLY LOVE INBOX DOLLARS! Mostly because I am always earning a payout from them! They give you a $5 signup bonus to get you started. You can earn for reading sponsored emails, playing games, surfing the web, shopping and SO MUCH MORE!
Low payout via check!

Sign up HERE

Okay...Jingit is mostly a rebate program but still worth while! It is never bad to earn some cash just for shopping! I added them to this list because there are products that you can scan after purchase, give feeback and get paid again! Not too shabby, right!

Sign up HERE

Mommy Polls. This is one is fun because you can earn rewards for giving your opinion on parenting, brands, and just general questions! It is as easy and answering a multiple choice questions with them!

try Mommy Polls HERE

NPD - These guys are popular and well respected for a reason. It is mostly for entries to fun giveaways, vacations, etc. Its worth a look! Check it out HERE

I LOVE OPINION OUTPOST! Why....because not only do they send me a ton of earning opportunities BUT they have a LOW payout! $10 for Paypal and $5 for amazon giftcards! It is so easy to cash out with them! You can even donate your earnings!

Don't pass them up!

Opinion Place - this is a newer one for me but great rewards for surveys! The seem to have a decent amount of surveys available. I am still up in the air on them but think that they are definitely worth a shot!  Sign up HERE

Another well respected Paid survey site! Cash rewards and other prize opportunities! You can't check out paying survey sites without visiting Mindfield! 

Sign up HERE

  This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to earn from the things you are already buying! Simply sign up, scan your purchases and EARN! It is from Nielsen and it rewards you VERY WELL!

 Sign up and start earning here!

PineCone research is a well respected survey site who is NOT always taking new signups! THEY ARE NOW so sign up ASAP! If you click on the link and it is not active, SORRY! Please do keep checking! I have done many surveys with them regarding well known brands. They did switch to rewards but it easy to earn!
Try them HERE.

When they say quick....they MEAN IT!

Paypal rewards are paid daily with NO MINIMUM CASHOUT REQUIRED!!!

Around since 2002 so safe and secure!

Sign UP for Quick Rewards HERE

Vindale Research is another well respected site and you do get paid well for surveys! You may not get as many paying surveys but they do come around and are usually at least $5!

Sign up for Vindale Research here!

Here are a few honorable mentions:
I-Say - Click here to get started!
  • VERY Well Respected
  • never a request for payment! surveys only
  • paid through points which convert to prize and CASH!
IPoll - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • $5 Sign Up BONUS!
  • Add earning with their Ipoll App for your phone! You can earn at the grocery!
Send Earnings -  Click Here to Sign Up!
  • $30 payout level 
  • $5 sign up BONUS
  • Get paid to read emails, surf the web, take special offers, play games, and even shop!
Panda Research - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • Easy surveys and pay to participate offers
  • Payout at $50
SurveySavvy - Click Here to Sign Up!
  • Payout is only $1!!!
  • Paid surveys and very easy to earn!
Global Test Market - click here to sign up!
  • Will pay you in points that convert to cash!
  • Payout is $50
Survey4Profit - click here to sign up!
  • Pays you in cash
  • Payout of $50
  • Offers paid emails, product testing, videos, referrals & even $5 for A Picture of your Payout Check!

That should get you started on your way to earn from paying surveys!

I hope you will take a few seconds to follow me via social media and please let me know if you have a well paying site that I didn't mention!

Enjoy your surveys!


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