Organic Beauty on a Budget

That is correct, you can do ORGANIC beauty on a budget!

I started my organic journey with foods. So many people complain about how expensive eating organic can be. I think those people just haven't found the tips and tricks to being organic on a budget. Basically, if you want it - you may have to make it yourself! Hate to say it BUT the same rule applies to organic beauty. Honestly, it is easier than you think!

So Why go organic with your beauty routine?
There are TONS of reasons and each person will have their own personal reasons- BUT for me, it was the fact that I had worked so hard to eliminate chemicals from my diet that putting them on my skin was not an option. After doing research, I realized that your skin is not a barrier - it is like a sponge. Your skin will absorb and use whatever is put on it. Studies are even finding chemicals in new born babies that are only found in beauty products. I am not a "conspiracy" type of gal but this was enough to let me know that even though I wasn't eating chemicals - I was still getting them.

IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME....Try This! Cut a raw clove of garlic and then rub it on the bottom of your bare foot. In about 5 minutes, you will taste the garlic in your mouth! NO JOKE!

So HOW do I do it?
It's actually very easy!
  • For your skin care/beauty routine, make a list of what you actually use. Shampoo, body wash, sugar scrubs, self tanner, lotions, anti aging creams, etc.
  • For your makeup routine, do the same. I do not recommend doing most of this on your own BUT there are some things you can DIY!
  • Check COUPONS! Shopping online is great for saving money on organic items! Click here to Check out EBATES!! I use through ebates and not only do I get great deals BUT I get 6% cash back AND earn free stuff! There are tons of retailers available so you can do almost all of your shopping there.  You get a FREE $10 gift card just for signing up!
For makeup -
you will find TONS of organic beauty lines that have hefty prices. Okay, maybe not hefty if you are used to buying pricey cosmetics. I - AM NOT! I do have a splurge line that is a go-to for me - Sappho Cosmetics. Here is my review of some of their items. I am in love with the concealer and foundation! I think I will continue splurging on those!

Keep searching for the deals!
Check out Physicians Formula! They now have an Organic line that is available in many national retailers. They are priced a dollar or so above their regular line and are pretty darn amazing!

Here are some of my favorites!

Physicians Formula Powder - Only $10.23 and one I use! LOVE!
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Moisturizer - Just $13.49
Organic 5X lash BOOSTING Mascara - Just $10!!
Organic Wear Mascara under $8!
Organic Wear Finishing Veil

Wanna DIY?
Here is an AWESOME DIY bronzing powder! It is made with just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry!

Here is a SELF TANNER recipe  - so easy to make and uses ingredients that you have on hand!

For Skincare -
I TOTALLY dig the stuff from Juice Beauty! They actually have both makeup and skincare! You get FREE shipping on orders over $50 and get 3 FREE SAMPLES with each order.

Click on the image to check out Juice Beauty! FREE SAMPLES

You can also DIY your organic skincare!

I hope that these tips and tricks have helped! I am absolutely LOVING my new skincare and beauty routine. The makeup is just as good - ACTUALLY BETTER - and I am avoiding the extra chemicals. Don't let people convince you that Organic "Green Beauty" has to be just need a little direction and maybe even some DIY!

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