Have you Gymagogo'd yet?!?!?


 Get your workout on...FOR FREE!

This is going to sound too good to be true but rest assured...IT IS LEGIT!

If you are ready to start working out but are intimidated by the gym --this is truly the way to go! Gymagogo is a fantastic service that allows you to take LIVE pilates and yoga classes from the Convenience of your own home.

Since Gymagogo is relatively new...the classes are totally FREE! This is a fantastic way to get your workout on because the certified instructor is there to guide and encourage you and since they can see you, they can make the necessary form and technique corrections to prevent injuries and to help you get the most out of your workout!

Here is how it works:

  • Sign up for the class online
  • Download the software from the confirmation link sent to your email (it is important to check your system requirements via the link in advance of your class)
  • When you get the link before your class, click it and get ready to workout!
  • A certified class instructor will see YOU and you will see them during the workout.
I would LOVE if you would try this workout with me! Click HERE to Join in! 

Also - swing by their Facebook page and give them a quick LIKE!  Gymagogo on Facebook HERE

Some Questions you may have:

How much does it cost?
Nothing silly--its FREE!

Can the other class members see me?
Nope! Just the instructor

Do I need special equipment?
You do not need anything special! Just you, a roomy space, a computer equipped with webcam, and a yoga mat if you choose. 

What classes are offered?
Both yoga and Pilates classes are available in a beginner and intermediate version.  They are available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8 and 9 respectively.

I can honestly tell you that I have been nothing but impressed with their service so far! They send you text messages before your class as a reminder and the customer service has been amazing (even when its is a technology question)! 

I hope you will consider trying out gymagogo with me and will share some of your thoughts! I hope to see you at the workout...well, not really - I can't see you...remember!?!?!

Warby Parker - A Responsible Company with Amazing Products

Part of what I love to do is to inform people of responsible companies trying to not only make a buck but to also make a difference. I recently became aware of a company with an amazing program that gives back!

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Warby Parker! Warby Parker offers a vast selection of both prescription and sunglasses that you can order online for a fraction of the cost of your local optical store!

My favorite part about Warby Parker is their Buy a pair, Give a pair program. click HERE to see more about it.  For each pair of glasses sold they also give a pair of glasses by partnering with non-profit partners to help get those frames into the hands of someone who needs them. These partners also help to train low-income entrepreneurs in developing counties to start up their own optical business to continue the work of getting eyewear to those who need it! Warby Parker is also one of the only carbon neutral brands in the world! Talk about a responsible business.
So far,  they have given out over 250,000 frames. 

If you LOVE that too...swingby and give them a quick Facebook :like" HERE at their Facebook page!

They offer FREE SHIPPING to the U.S. and even a FREE in home 5 day try on. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 30 days to return them. JUST FOR FUN...try their virtual try on feature! An added bonus is that their prescription frame prices include Anti-Reflective lenses which are so important for anyone who works under bright light, has trouble driving at night, or is tired of the huge glare on their lenses in photographs! I worked for an optical company where this along costs $65!

Warby Parker not only offers prescription frames but also some super fun and funky sunglasses available in regular AND Prescription lenses! These are not the same frames as you would buy at the dollar store! These are high quality frames with high quality lenses. 

So onto the fun stuff...Warby Parker just announced a new Sunglasses line called the Meridian Collection and I have to say that I am in LOVE! It is are a line of super cool Aviator style frames that are totally wearable.. I am in love with the Exley...it is a take on a teardrop shape and looks like it will work well with any face shape!
Side view of the Exley
The Exley in jet silver

The Boyd

The bonus is that their sunglasses all include polarized lenses! These lenses help reduce the "white light" and give you a crisp image with less glare off  shiny items...like the hood of your car. Here are some   pics of other sets of frames from Warby Parker...that I think I might need to order....TODAY! They are a splurge item BUT I have been wearing cheapies for a few summers now offering very little protection...time to invest in my eyes!
Take a second and check  out their entire collection and read more about how Warby Parker gives back HERE!

Look Dad....Pink Hair

Day 1
Since I have been married, I think my husband has never been surprised by the hair color or style that I seem to choose! I have been a red head, been blonde, auburn, jet black, I have had pink streaks, teal streaks, and even orange hair. I have a strange hair philosophy that "it grows back" and that it is more of an "accessory" than anything else. Well, that whole way of thinking almost was brought to a staggering halt this weekend when my hair color CHOSE me! Does that mean that I messed up....nope. I have another- more deeply rooted- philosophy that "I am not always right...but I am NEVER wrong" ...so I am stating for the official record that this hair color was part of the master plan.
Day 2

Now, the truth is that I messed up. I am unrelentingly cheap and have always done
my own haircolor at home BUT that was never over bleached hair! I found a very good deal (clearance $1.24) on some normally $10 color and went for it! Day 1...It was bright magenta but by day 2 it smoothed out to a nice pink and blonde highlighted hairdo. That doesn't change the fact that to others....it would be a SHOCK!

Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover
Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover
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The Safest And Most Effective Way To Reverse An Undesirable Hair Color Application. Corrects Your Hair Color By Shrinking The Dye Molecules, Allowing You To Simply Wash Them Away. It Removes Artificial Color From Hair That Has Become Too Dark. For Instance: If Your Hair Was Blonde And You Applied A Brown Color That Is Too Dark, It Can Be Used To Get Your Hair Back To A Blonde Shade. It Can Also Be Used To Remove Artificial Color From Hair That Was Lightened But Became Off-Tone. For Instance: If You Have Naturally Brown Hair And Used An Ash Blonde Color And Your Hair Is Now Blonde With A Green Tint, It Will Remove The Green Tint, But Your Hair Will Remain Blonde. Removes All Artificial Hair Color Gently Removes Permanent &Amp; Semi-Permanent Hair Color Takes Only 20 Minutes Ammonia Free/Bleach Free Re-Color The Same Day Contains: Part 1 Part 2 Made In Usa

Remember how accepting I said that my husband was about my haircolor choices?....well lets just say that my poor father has NEVER gotten used to it! I get the comments, the funny looks, and even the offer to take me to my mom's hair stylist- so when my haircolor chose me this week, the DAY before Father's Day-- I almost felt bad. I HAD to come up with some GREAT excuses to use at the family get together. No way was I going and saying that it was a mistake and I know that I can use Color Oops Hair Color Remover Wipesfor only $6 bucks but was liking it a bit too much to change it so I had to think FAST!

Here were 10 of the excuses I had PLANNED to use on Father's Day!

10. I was going furniture shopping and wanted to be left to browse at my leisure (TRUE and it worked :))

9. I want to become a flirty girl fitness instructor but want to be in better shape first- this was to remind me about my commitment to drop a few lbs.

8. It was for a blogging contest. (Heck, they don't even read my website...they will NEVER know but they encourage anything for money!)

7. I was going to dye it pink for a breast cancer walk - trial run!

6. I was talking to my 5 year old daughter who wants pink hair and was telling her that it was a silly idea...I had to prove it to her...darn, she is persistent.

5. I actually paid for this! It was a new hairdresser and she messed up...I didn't have the heart to tell her it was not right. - can't make comments when I am  playing the sympathy card...right?!

4. Did I mention  that breast cancer runs in the family and I wanted to be mindful of the lingering threat as I challenge my family to be more organic and healthy?

3. I am tired of having the "taste tester" people at the grocery stores taunting me with their samples! With this hair color....Ain't no one offering me a sausage!

2. I was testing a color project for homeschool next year --it was in a squeeze bottle and accidentally grabbed it instead of my haircolor..OOPS! Nah..that won't work...they think I am CRAZY for homeschooling!

1. Why do I need an excuse? I am over 30 years old DARN IT! If I choose some pink hair... accept that it may be a midlife crisis and move on!  Okay...this one was a last resort but I was prepared to use it.

Oddly enough...they must all be used to me by now because no one even muttered a word about my "children's television" ready hair. I guess if cartoons can carry it --maybe I can too. With that motto in mind, I now plan to take on the Spanish language, open a stuffed animal vet practice, and maybe even break out into song while walking down my street...well, maybe not!

Color Oops Hair Color Remover Wipes

Share your worst hair "oops"in the comments...I KNOW we all have them....right?!?!?  Try it for fun..take a trial run of some hair chalk or dye..you may LOVE IT! Heck, I already gave you the excuses!!

HELP...My mom has called Child Protective Services...Because I am Organic!

Don't let the title fool you! While she has not called C.P.S. yet....I think it is certainly coming. I am at a completely dumbfounded by my parents resistance to my new lifestyle and need to grab some advice. Don't they understand that I am trying to keep my family healthy?!? Please note that I am not knocking those who are not organic. It is a lifestyle choice that we have chosen...but I am hoping you can still help!

Let me preface this rant by saying that my parents are amazing people.They have always been there when we needed them and I couldn't ask for better grandparents than the sets my kids have (yes, i love my in-laws too). My parents dedicate a night a week for my older kids and take them along for special bonding time and are always supporting my craziness...until I became - excuse my french -  "Organic".

Here is the story...
About six months ago, My husband and I began a journey to become healthier. We were a convenience eating family when we started our journey- We ate out at least 3 times a week and bought the meals that made life easy.  After making the commitment to be better parents, we began omitting things from our diet slowly. First to be eliminated was junk food and fast food, next came preservatives and gmo's, and now we are finally 90% organic (I leave 10% for the times we are out with others or at restaurants).  I understand that to others...maybe "Organic" has a different meaning- so I want to clarify.

See still pb& cookies!!!
What does organic mean to me?
-No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Zero Calorie Sugar Substitutes - I prefer to go for organic real sugar
-No preservatives - I gave up on traditional prepackaged foods and began making my own or buying the organic label!
-No processed foods - If it is good for you...you shouldn't have to "add" nutrients
- Eliminated chemicals from household by crafting my own cleaners
- Organic meats a few times a week
- Candy, snacks, and treats are all organic packaged or homemade- They still exist
- No fast Food!

What my parents think it means?
- No SUGAR - This equals BAD MOMMY!
- NOT enough protein for kids! Really?!? Check out 10 ways to get protein as a vegetarian
- Sickly Children who are deprived
- Mommy can't afford cleaning products!
- Mommy withholds life sustaining meat
- Snacks are lettuce, bread, and water - JAILFOOD!
- I can't afford fast food

Note, I can say all of this because my mother REFUSES to acknowledge that I have a website!

How do they handle our new lifestyle? 
Oh boy...let me tell you how they are handling this! They have started hoarding junk and snack foods within their home and FORCE feeding them to my children when they arrive. They also are making "snack" goodie bags LOADED with candy and junk every time that they leave. They buy "extra" cleaning supplies because they are a good deal and drop them off to me. My mother has even commented that my children will "get sick and be ill if they do not get enough SUGAR" - REALLY?!?! When I say no to an item they respond with..."Oh Heather...Let them LIVE" but isn't that what I am trying to do? They have even dropped fast food off at least 2 times a week since we have gone organic.

The effort...proving that there is a misconception about "Organic"..

I thought that I had finally gotten through to them when they made (and ATE!) grilled veggies for my birthday (usually they try to force feed me meat despite the fact that I have been vegetarian for 5 years)! I totally saw my mother eat asparagus..she will NEVER admit to it! They made sweet potato fries and a fruit salad...it was so nice!

Then came the surprise food delivery. They recently made what I will call an "effort" to please us (the parents) while they fed the children's need for junk. I am more than grateful for what they did but it solidified the fact that they think "organic" is something way different than I do.  They dropped off 2 jumbo containers of sugary processed drinks (the  label said 40% less sugar so they did try), a pound of  "sugar free" lunchmeat, processed american cheese, along with bagels and cream cheese (the company boasts preservative free and fresh but the ingredients show otherwise). To them, this was "healthy" food so I am appreciative of the attempt. They also baked a "SUGAR-FREE" cake for my son's birthday...no sugar but LOADED with sweet and low. All night, they made comments about the cake and they couldn't believe that it would taste any good but they did it "since I don't let the kids have sugar"! Is that the only thing that is sinking in?!? That we are eliminating sugar?!?

In reality...My version of "Organic" has made huge improvements in my family!
- We are healthier
- We do more together (baking, cooking, crafts)
- We are saving money
- We STILL eat out - just not as often
- We STILL eat cookies, chips, and cake - just organic!
- Our food has TONS of flavor, is bright, and FRESH
- We are learning that there was NOTING wrong with how my grandmother lived. She made everything from scratch, never opened a "can" of biscuits, and lived on what she had....She didn't drive BUT I guarantee that her first trip would NOT have been to McDonalds!

So HOW do I get this through to my parents--politely?!?!? I am looking to you for advice. I have TRIED making them healthy homemade foods to try--they prefer their McNuggets and have even gone so far as to pack meals for their trips with the kids only to have them returned along with leftovers from the fast food joint!

Any suggestions would be appreciated...from both Organic and NON Organic families....HELP..BEFORE C.P.S. Comes and force feeds my children snickers bars!!!